About Moseley

My name is Moseley Collins and I am the founder of My Real Christianity.  I want to invite you to know a little bit about my own journey and the beginning of my relationship with Christ. It is my belief that sharing our own testimony is such an important component in leading others to Christ as well as bonding with other believers.

One thing that Paul talked about, was his testimony and his life before Christ. There is power in knowing the miracles God has performed in each of our lives, bringing us from death to life. That being said, here is my testimony, with my failings, struggles, searching, and finally, commitment to Jesus Christ.

“They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony…” – Revelation 12:11

My Testimony

I was born in Tallahassee, Florida in 1947. Growing up, I was raised in home that occasionally attended church, but, unfortunately, didn’t go much further than that level. At this critical point in my life I really had no understanding of a relationship with Jesus and didn’t understand the meaning of being a follower of Christ.

I went through a great number of battles from my childhood to my early twenties. By the time I was 22, I had gotten a divorce from a woman I had been married to for two years and was extremely lost. I ached for answers and a meaning to this life. Upon graduating from the University of Florida, I decided to set off in a new direction and began to hitchhike throughout the country in search for truth.

My journey led me to Albuquerque, New Mexico where I met a man named Prabuddah. Dressed only in shorts, sandals and bells, Prabuddah stood in the bookstore passing out flyers to come meet who he believed to be God. He told me that God was a man living in India and encouraged me to stay with him for a while to learn more. In my desperate longing for meaning, I began to follow this lifestyle Prabuddah introduced me to. I lived a life of vegetarianism, celibacy, and mediation, and became a part of the Ananda Marga Yoga Society.

As a studying yogi, I traveled to Atlanta, Georgia to pursue a PhD in clinical psychology. Here I moved into a house of yogis and continued my seeming spiritual search. Eventually about six months down the road, I found myself again utterly lost and on the verge of a breakdown. At this time, a man approached me and asked me if I would like to accept Jesus into my heart. I said that I would and we prayed. At the time, I did not sense any change, but looking back now, I see this moment as the beginning of a turning point in my life.

Unfortunately, my stumbles and misguidings were not over yet. For as I continued to search through this period of darkness, I began to read a book on Zen Buddhism. I came across one of their key principles that stated from the very beginning not a single thing has ever existed. Although looking back now, the notion of that seems completely ridiculous, it made complete sense to me at the time and seemed to explain the mindset I had been living in.

At this point, I dropped out of the PhD program, bought a VW bus, and traveled from Atlanta to San Francisco. It was here that I went deeper in Zen Buddhism, meditating for weeks at a time, meeting with the “Zen Master”, and sleeping in my bus. Another six months later, I was meditating in the Zen center and found a picture Jesus someone had placed in the recycling bin. I took it out and placed the picture in my bus. I began to think more and more about Jesus. Who He was and what He represented. I had rejected the idea of Jesus so long ago as being too superficial and impossible to exist. But now… I began to wonder.

Shortly after, I heard that Prabuddah had moved to the area I was living. I was excited to see him and to hear how the past year or so had treated him. As I walked into his house, however, the vegetarian I once knew was eating eggs and bacon! Realizing my shock, Prabuddah (whose new name was now Jeff) explained to me that he had found Christ as his Savior. Listening to him, it suddenly hit me that this man, who was younger and always less serious than I, was so much closer to God than I had ever been. It was nothing necessarily he said, but simply something I sensed from just being in his presence. This moment shook me to my core and woke up something that had been sleeping inside of me for the majority of my life.

Getting back in my bus, I realized I had never found that which I had endlessly searched for, that which Jeff seemed to now possess. After driving a moment, I pulled my bus to the side of the road and prayed to Jesus. I told Him I wanted to receive Him as my Savior, but being so tired and confused I felt I could only promise Him one day of my life. From my prayer, I traveled to Salinas, located a phonebook, and found a Tuesday service with the Assemblies of God. It was my first church service in such a long time and oh, how I enjoyed it.

moseley collinsThe next morning I woke eager to attend another service and found one with the Assemblies of God in Monterey. It was an evening of excitement, passion, and yes, commitment. It was a night that would mark the beginning of my life. As I lay in bed on that first night, I remember for the first time in my life feeling a sense of peace as the emptiness I carried around for so many years lifted off. I had finally found the Lord, and He had received me, in the words of Paul, “the worst of sinners”.

After being a part of the church for some time, I was invited to participate in a small, but very sincere, bible college in which people were studying to go into ministry. I decided to cancel my plans to return to Atlanta for my PhD and moved into the modest “brother’s house”. It was here that I stayed for five years, studying the bible, sharing Christ with people in the surrounding area, and graduating from Holy Word Bible College in 1977.

From here on, I walked with the Lord, becoming passionate about learning the Word of God and teaching it to others. As a brother of the church, I was also put in charge of legal affairs, and thus, began my current career as a lawyer. He is my love, my heart, my everything. He is my Savior for which I am forever grateful.